When I think of successful logos, I think of the following list of companies. Ahhh, I said that logos made me think of companies, not the other way around! This is the secret why you need a logo as part of your creative branding solutions! To illustrate this point, here are some examples. Let’s play Name This Logo:

1. I say Mickey Mouse… You think of Disney.

2. I say Swoosh… You think Nike.

I could go on and on, but you get the point, I’m sure. Logos are an important part of any creative branding solution. Also keep in mind that a logo does not have to be directly related to the actual business product or service. A local example in my area is that of a real estate developer who uses an anchor as their company logo. There is a subtle relationship between anchors and houses in that a house is an anchor for family life, security and our basic need for shelter… but… would you really think about use an anchor as the logo of a real estate development company? This company was successful and managed to integrate it into a creative branding solution…it’s unique!

What else do you need in a logo? Well, you have to think about colors, there’s a whole psychology behind colors and the use of colors. Did you know that red cars are the most expensive to insure… a true story! Red attracts attention and red cars attract attention and subsequently cause more distractions, which results in more accidents, which means red car owners around the world pay premiums for higher insurance rates because people crash into them more often than any other colored car… disappointing for them.

Question: How many real estate for sale signs do you see that are all red, partially red, or a derivative of red (brown, crimson, etc.)? A lot! Red draws the eye towards the sign and ideally towards the house. You must therefore take into account the colors in your logo.

You see, it takes a little more than just searching for clipart on the web to create a logo. This is an important part of your branding solution and is something I suggest you do with a team of people in order to maximize the benefits of a good logo. Most importantly, be creative and allow a team of people to help you with your logo design.

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